This involves seeing to and controlling the affairs of the various properties in our portfolio on behalf of our various clients. Some of such activities are as listed below

  • Provide point of contact for all tenant queries.
  • The keeping of property records and register and ensuring that notices of renewal and/ or determine leases are taken up at their appropriate dates.
  • Collection of rents and other cheques and prompt payment to the Landlord.
  • Dealing with re-letting and ensuring through liaison with Landlord’s solicitors, that all leases, tenancies et cetera are properly documented and that necessary consents are obtained.
  • Regular inspection of property to ensure that tenants comply with their repair and maintenance covenants, including assessing and negotiating dilapidation.
  • Dealing with rates and ensuring prompt payment by those liable either by contract or by law.
  • The arrangement for a supervision of all necessary repair and maintenance works including service contracts and the employment of estate staff.
  • Regular review of the potential of the property.
  • If serviced, administration and control of estate staff in conjunction with the Landlord; thus ensuring that not only are they responsive to us as managing agents, but also to the appropriate agents that you appoint who may draw their attention to lapses if and when the occasion demands.